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About Us

I'm a proud mother and grandmother - can you believe it!

Hi, there!

I'm Malynda.

Creator of Small Town Sage.

I am a believer in magic and I always will be! I have always been interested in astrology, numerology, stones, energy, etc.,  since I was young, but never really dug too deep in to it until my adult years. Now I can’t stop.

I began tying my own sage sticks from sage and other items harvested in my back yard.  From there, I began wire wrapping stones and dreamed of having a space of my own to share the magic of the items that I love so much. One thing led to another and here I am.

I am grateful for the doors sage and stone energy have opened up for me in my life and love that this shop gives me the opportunity to promote healing, wisdom, magic, and happiness to so many others.

I grew up playing in the sagebrush hills in and around Kanab, collecting pretty rocks, picking sage, and making magic potions, and here I am now, still doing the same thing.

I am delighted to share my space with you all and have met so many wonderful souls through this store. Small Town Sage thanks you all for such incredible support through this new adventure. Thank you for supporting our small-town store.

“It’s important to remember that we all have magic inside us.”

– JK Rowling

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