This Desert Sage Kit contains :

1- approx. 5” Desert Sage Stick
1- approx. 5” Abalone Shell
1- approx  3” Selenite stick
1- approx. 8” Turkey feather
1- small chunk raw Rose Quartz

••Desert Sage••
Protection, banish negative energy
Can also be used as aromatherapy. Is said to improve intuition and memory, soothe stress and improve sleep.

Deep peace, calming, cleanses the aura and other crystals
This stone is ideal for cleansing a space. It helps create a safe and protected environment. Cleanses and shifts stagnant energy and helps stabilize and balance your emotions.

••Rose Quartz••
Unconditional Love, emotional healing, radiates positivity
The stone of love. This stone has a powerful loving vibration, increases self-worth and self-esteem. Helps alleviate grief, aides in dissolving old hurts. Opens wearer up to all forms of love and helps to restore trust.

••Abalone Shell••
Protection from negativity, peace, calming
Aids in the letting go of unwanted emotions, increases the feeling of peace. Provides layers of protection which allows one to open up to new positive perspectives.

Sage sticks are wrapped with natural hemp cord and measure roughly 5 inches long. Cord color will vary. Items are hand gathered and hand tied so each sage stick will vary slighly from one another and from photos. Since some photos are taken when freshly wrapped, some discoloration may occur as sage stick dries.

Desert Sage Kit

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